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CPG Beauty and Beyond

is a boutique consulting firm based in Los Angeles

who supports emerging entrepreneurs and established companies to 

develop and improve their products, projects and processes 

Our mission is to support you and your team to

become more efficient and take action

towards solving the business problems you encounter


Assess Current State to Improve

Your Product Launches and Process

Full intake with key executives and departments and 360 review of current processes and systems to take a pulse of what's working and what's not

  • Conduct Discovery & Feedback Yessions

  • Conduct SWOT & Brainstorm Sessions

  • Identify Needs and Gaps in Project Management and        Systems & Process

  • Provide 360 Full Assessment, Recommendations & Implementation Plan

Inquire for Rate

Service provided over 3-month period (Retainer Contract)

Dedicated consulting support service



Turn Your Idea Into Reality

Discover the viability of your idea,

how it can be developed, and design a

product to bring to market

  • Market Research

  • Formula and Sample Development

  • Primary and Secondary Packaging Sourcing

Inquire for Rate

3-month minimum commitment (Retainer Contract)

Dedicated consulting support service.



Track Your A to Z Path to a

Successful Launch

With so many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep your project on track to launch successfully. We can ssupport you to establish best practices or can manage projects directly.

  • Assessment and Recommendations

  • Establish Best Practices and Define &                                   Develop Standard Project Timelines

  • Assess, Identify, and Implement Best Software for Your Team

  • Directly Manage On-Going Project(s) with Status Reporting

Inquire for Rate

3-month minimum commitment (Retainer Contract)

Dedicated consulting support service



Develop Clear Systems to Success

Understand how your company functions, address gaps and bottlenecks, and develop clear systems and processes to support your company to operate efficiently

  • Conduct Brainstorm and SWOT sessions

  • Map Current Key Processes and Identify Gaps to Address

  • Assess Key Processes and Deliver Recommendations to Streamline Operations

  • Define & Develop Standard Operating Procedures/Processes

  • Develop & Design Custom Process Support Documents

Dedicated Consulting Support Done for You Service

Inquire for Rate

3-month minimum commitment (Retainer Contract)

Dedicated consulting support service



Capture the Story Behind Your Project Outcomes & Biggest Asset

Uncover the trends, gaps and health of your projects to support determining your next strategic move. Tune into your biggest asset, your people. Discover key insights of where to innovate and improve.

  • Conduct SWOT Staff Analysis and Deliver Quarterly Recommendations 

  • Track On-Going Monthly New Products & Promotional Product Shipments & KPIs

  • Deliver Quarterly Executive Reports highlighting Project Trends, Operations Health, Identify Root Cause and Key Gaps and Strategic Project Recommendations

Inquire for Rate

Service provided over 12-month period (Retainer Contract)

Dedicated consulting support service


*We work with clients via contract retainers, VIP Days or per project basis as needed for consulting services. Custom packages can be developed to fit your needs. Rates vary depending on but not limited to project scope, volume and complexity. Consulting services and rates are subject to change. Add $2,500 USD for travel in US outside Southern California area and $10,000 USD outside the United States) if Loren would be coming to you. Otherwise all consulting is done remotely and face-to-face through (ZOOM) or other video conferencing platform. There are no refunds or guarantees. Please do your due diligence when investing in your business.

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