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We support beauty founders and executives to TAME THE CHAOS 
through project management and process improvement. Obtain
CLARITY, VISIBILITY & ALIGNMENT in your beauty business. Transform your business through our SIGNATURE CONSULTING SUITES.



Simplify & Assess to Focus


Gain clarity, alignment, and actionable insights to propel your organization towards greater success


3-Month Consulting Service

  • Receive the Corporate Compass Assessment (TM) a full 360 assessment of your business capturing the current state, future state, gaps, prioritizes, and recommendations for each department in your organization.

  • Receive 1 and 3 year corporate planning snapshots

  • Receive an implementation plan and roadmap for each department to achieve their short-term &long-term priorities

  • We deliver an Executive Summit to present collective findings & facilitate discussion to achieve alignment across your organization on your key next steps

  • Service is provided remotely to the client

  • Option available to have the Executive Summit provided on-site if your organization is based in Los Angeles area



From Concept to Shelf with Ease

Gain access to proven strategies, expert guidance, and personalized support for launching your beauty products with excellence and ease across your organization

6-Month Consulting Service

  • Receive comprehensive Project Management Assessment of your project process, documentation and systems. We'll dive into your beauty product launch requirements, goals, timelines, resources and specific challenges. We'll capture the current state, future state, gaps, priorities and provide recommendations for your organization

  • Support with selection and setup of new Project Management software system (if needed)

  • Based on our assessment, receive Beauty Launch Timelines Mastery (TM) a series of meticulously crafted beauty launch timelines that align with your specific objectives. These timelines will encompass crucial milestones, tasks and dependencies, allowing for efficient planning and execution. These launch timelines (estimate 30+) serve emerging and established beauty brands

  • Development and iimplementation of Stage Gate Process      (if determined that is best for your organization)

  • Receive Project Metrics Mastery (TM) with defined KPIs and setup of on-going project reporting documentation

  • Receive all launch Timelines Templates setup and integrated with your software. We'll seamlessly integrate the developed timelines into your chosen system ensuring smooth workflow and easy collaboration

  • Receive software training of project management software across your organization

  • Receive socialization of collective new launch timelines across your organization

  • Service is provided remotely to the client


Clear Systems to Success

6-Month Consulting Service


Gain access to comprehensive, integrated solutions for optimizing your business.

  • Receive comprehensive Process Management Assessment of your key processes and systems used within each department across your organization. We'll capture current state, future state, identify gaps, priorities and provide recommendations

  • Receive Precision Process Mastery (TM).the development and delivery of  process mapping of all key processes across your organization

  • Receive documented Standard Operating Procedures for each key process across your organization

  • Receive development of New Processes and/or Customized Process Support Documentation (as needed) to resolve gaps identified during initial process management assessment

  • Selection and setup of Process Management software (if needed)

  • Process Documentation integrated into your Process Management software

  • Receive software training of process management software across your organization

  • Receive socialization of collective process mapping, standard operating procedures and new processes across your organization

  • Service is provided remotely to the client

*We work with clients via Contract Retainers or VIP Days or per project basis as needed for consulting services. Consulting services and rates are subject to change. Add $2,500 USD for travel in US outside of Southern California area and $10,000 USD outside the United States for each on-site l if Loren is coming to you. Otherwise all consulting is done remotely including face-to-face through ZOOM or other video conferencing platform. There are no refunds or guarantees. Please do your due diligence when investing in your business.

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