Turn Your Idea into Reality

Discover the viability of your idea, how it can complete, and design a product to bring to the market

  • Market Research

  • Formula Development with Cosmetic Manufacturers (Beauty)

  • Sample Development with Manufacturers

  • Product and Packaging Sourcing Recommendations


Track Your A to Z Path to a Successful Launch

With so many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep your project on track to launch successfully. We can support you to establish project management at your company or can manage your projects directly

  • Project Management Assessment and Recommendations

  • Establish Project Management Best Practices

  • Develop Standard Project Timelines for Your Key Projects and System to Track Projects to Completion and Success

  • Identify the best Project Management Software to support your company

  • Manage on-going projects for you with bi-weekly and monthly status reporting


Develop Clear Systems to Success

Understand how your company functions, address gaps/bottlenecks and develop clear systems/process that support your company to operate efficiently and at its best

  • Conduct Brainstorm and SWOT sessions

  • Map Current Key Processes and Identify Gaps to Address

  • Assess Key Processes and Deliver Recommendations to Streamline Operations

  • Define & Develop Standard Processes

  • Design Custom Process Support Documents


Capture the Story Behind Your Project Outcomes & Staff

Uncover the trends, gaps and health of your projects and determine your next strategic move as a company. Tune into your biggest asset, your people. Discover the key insights of how to innovate and improve your company

  • Track On-Going Monthly On-Time/Late Product Shipments and deliver Quarterly Executive Reports highlighting Project Trends, Operations Health, Identify Root Cause and Key Gaps and Strategic Project Recommendations

  • Conduct SWOT Staff Analysis and Deliver Quarterly Recommendations Report


Support Your Company and Executives to Soar

Prior to starting CPG Beauty and Beyond, Loren has 10+ years experience in the personal development industry both as a learner, volunteer success coach in (2) 90-Day PLD Goal Setting Programs and event leader. She has attended and supported PSI Seminars, Ike Pono and Community 2.0.

  • Conduct 1/2 day to 1 day on-site or off-site workshops

  • 3-month to 6-month coaching programs available to support executives' personal and professional goals


Sprinkle Inspiration & Enhance Your Professional Development Strategy

  • We can custom design a workshop or series of workshops to meet your business needs

  • CPG Beauty and Beyond and their business associates speak on a variety of topics. On-site sessions can be designed for 1/2 day to 1 day sessions​.