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Loren is an extremely proficient project manager. I worked closely with Loren during my tenure as VP Operations at OPI/Coty completing numerous complicated product launches as well as seasonal requirements. Loren adapts and learns quickly. Wish I was still able to be teamed with Loren. Fantastic skill set!


RANDY ALLEN VP Operations at Coty-OPI Products Inc.

It was great working with Loren! She is professional, thorough, reliable and has excellent
communication skills!


SELEH ALAVI Data Quality Manager at Kaiser Permente

Loren was a pleasure to work with. Her most notable attributes are her dedication, meticulous attention to detail and people skills. These were especially important at OPI and she was flawless.


ELLERY TRICHE Senior Director Purchasing at Coty-OPI Products Inc.

Loren is an asset to any organization. Her focus and ability to steer her team towards key issues and meet timelines is remarkable.


CINDY McCALIB-WELLS Director of Customer Service at Olehenriksen (LVMH)

Loren West is an innovative, bright, articulate individual with exceptional project management experience. She evaluated our project portfolio tool, EPPORA, and did a fantastic job. All of her insights on how we might improve our product are proving extremely valuable to our company. She is a major asset to any organization. She is an exceptional team player and a delight to work with.



Loren's stewardship in product development and project management at Josie Maran was a revelation. As a Creative Project Manager who's constantly balancing, prioritizing, and responding to creative requirements of all new and existing products, her detailed orchestration was invaluable. With her eagle eye I had a clear, accurate, and up-to-date view of what was truly needed.
This directly and significantly contributed to improved efficiencies in Creative Operations and my own team, stakeholder, and project management. She's an efficient, detail-oriented, collaborative, and congenial leader, partner, and colleague. She'll bring immediate and long-term impact to any business. I sincerely hope to work with her again and that the example she sets will set standards for more organizations.


SARA JOHNSON Creative Project Manager at Josie Maran

Loren is an intelligent, articulate, intuitive, positive, happy and project savy individual. She is a true professional who conducted a real world evaluation of our project management software, EPPORA. She was able to learn, use all aspects of our product and successfully manage the test project without any training or guidance from our user manual (at our request to test ease of use/implementation). This is someone who possesses innate abilities to not only learn a high technical product but excel in its use. She does so always with a smile and the desire to get the job done at the highest levels of excellence.



We recently had a presentation by Loren where she presented to our PMI Los Angeles project management community the exciting experience of launching successful products. An stunning visual presentation was equally matched by the information and knowledge we gained. Little would I have imagined that the launch of a Makeup product would be such an eye opener, and answer the questions we always ponder: “How do I bring my idea to reality!”


VICK MADENIAN VP of Technology at PMI Los Angeles

You rarely come across standout talent like Loren. Loren expertly filled the role of project manager for Northeastern University’s Educational Innovation division for 11 months. I had the pleasure of collaborating and working side-by-side with Loren, where I could witness and benefit from her leadership. Loren broke the mold and created an environment where everyone felt supported and heard in an industry known for moving fast. Anyone would be lucky to work with a true leader like Loren.

Efficient meets exceptional is how I describe Loren. Since we started working together, the number of compliments we’ve received on our ability to move projects forward has skyrocketed. As a bonus, her turnaround times are always shockingly fast. Loren’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team.

I was particularly impressed by Loren’s ability to handle even the most challenging groups and assignments effortlessly. Her skill and ability to create and unearth needed resources were second to none. Loren always made sure everyone left with a smile, no matter how tense a meeting was when it started.

If you’re looking for a project manager who can take your company’s projects to the next level, I’d highly recommend hiring Loren.


BECKY COLLET  Associate Director of Communication & Alignment at Northeastern University

Loren supported my teams on multiple, complicated, high-impact initiatives. She provided top-notch project management support, documented processes, guided development efforts, and produced first-class tools and supports that streamlined and optimized our projects and processes. Loren was committed, deadline-oriented, innovative, resourceful, and can play in a lot lanes on a project. She's a total professional and enhances any project strategy with her presence. I've worked with a lot of project management people over the years, and Loren is the best!


CHARLES KILFOYE  Assistant Vice President Employer Engagement & Career Design

Northeastern University

Loren West provided exceptional project management support across a broad spectrum of initiatives. She optimizes processes and streamlines timelines while she worked with me at Northeastern University. Loren leads teams in an efficient, results-oriented manner that fosters inclusive behavior. She is a pleasure to work with and an exceptional facilitator.


ELIZABETH BONIN  Senior Director of Innovation Implementation at Northeastern University

It has been a pleasure working and collaborating with Loren in her role as Project Manager at Northeastern University. She brings a high level of competent, creative and skillful professionalism to her primary project management responsibilities, which has helped me and the Industry Relations team I represent at Northeastern achieve a high level of success.

Through her collaborative style and on-on task mentality, she has been able to ensure that critical projects - and the personal accountability that underpins those projects - are completed on time and with a high degree of value for the the entire Northeastern University community. She knows how to encourage and get the most out of her teammates, driving us toward project completion and/or advancement in thoughtful and practical ways, like any seasoned project management practitioner should.

Beyond her project management acumen, Loren is a total team player in other aspects of the university’s mission - whether that’s helping with relevant marketing and communications needs; cultivating unique industry partnerships; playing a role in driving key University Intiatives; or simply filling voids within the organization as needed, Loren is not afraid to role up her sleeves, pitch in, and leverage her many talents and experiences for the greater good.

It’s my pleasure to work with Loren and I highly recommend her now and for any future endeavors she may seek as she continues to evolve her impressive and successful professional career.


JAMES BOYLE Director of Strategic Industry Relations at Northeastern University

I had the pleasure of receiving an informative and engaging presentation "How to Turn Your Expertise into Consulting" delivered by Loren on February 27, 2023. She was dynamic, professional, respectful, and humanistic. Loren has the gift of engaging with participants and was thorough in her response to thoughtful questions raised by the participants. She cares deeply about people and ensured that they comprehend the content and soon utilize the concepts discussed. In fact, the participants probably got more out of the presentation through the effective and expert Q&A facilitation that Loren led.

As PMI-Los Angeles Chapter VP of Programs, I am fortunate to have Loren delivered such as impactful session to our PMI-LA community.


DAVID DOAN  Management Consulting Senior Manager at Accenture & VP of Programs for PMI-LA

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