Loren West is a consumer product goods specialist with 15 years experience. She passionately supports companies to establish their project management and best practices while streamlining operations to bring products to market faster, better and more efficiently.

"Loren is an intelligent, articulate, intuitive, positive, happy and project savy individual. She is a true professional who conducted a real world evaluation of our project management software, EPPORA. She was able to learn, use all aspects of our product and successfully manage the test project without any training or guidance from our user manual (at our request to test ease of use/implementation). This is someone who possesses innate abilities to not only learn a high technical product but excel in its use. She does so always with a smile and the desire to get the job done at the highest levels of excellence."

Craig Nagasugi


"Loren West is an innovative, bright, articulate individual with exceptional project management experience. She evaluated our project portfolio tool, EPPORA, and did a fantastic job. All of her insights on how we might improve our product are proving extremely valuable to our company. She is a major asset to any organization. She is an exceptional team player and a delight to work with."

Joel Fleiss


"Loren is an extremely proficient project manager. I worked closely with Loren during my tenure as VP Operations at OPI/Coty completing numerous complicated product launches as well as seasonal requirements. Loren adapts and learns quickly. Wish I was still able to be teamed with Loren. Fantastic skill set!"

Randy Allen

Coty-OPI Products Inc.

"Loren was a pleasure to work with. Her most notable attributes are her dedication, meticulous attention to detail and people skills. These were especially important at OPI and she was flawless."

Ellery Triche

Coty-OPI Products Inc.

"Loren is an asset to any organization. Her focus and ability to steer her team towards key issues and meet timelines is remarkable."

Cindy McCalib-Wells

Ole Henriksen

"It was great working with Loren! She is professional, thorough, reliable and has excellent communication skills!"

Seleh Alavi

Kaiser Permanente

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Experience with a variety of BRANDS managing packaging, new products, promotions and process